Smart & Connective

Our solutions for building managers and social landlords

Whether you are managing old or new buildings, working in the energy renovation industry, or a smart building developer, find out how Smart & Connective can become an asset for your business. 


Main benefits

Immediate energy saving thanks to automated use of electric devices
Optimized schedules for your maintenance crew
Management of several buildings from the same online access
Tailor-made scenarios
Predictive maintenance for a time-saving organization of your staff

Case study  

John is a building manager for B2B co-owners. According to the Ordinance n° 2019-1101 following the ELAN law, he is allowed to put forward services to the board members. In order to reach the financial goals set by the general assembly, he decided (along with the co-owners) to set up Smart & Connective. The equipped office premises already show a 25% cut in energy consumption, thanks to the automation of HVAC and lighting.  

backend IoT bailleur

Customize your dashboard to keep an eye on your real estate and make sure your service is impeccable and your management optimized.

John also enhanced the organization of his maintenance staff. Using the dedicated app, they are immediately warned in case of malfunctioning of the boiler or if a leak is detected.

The Smart & Connective tools are so numerous that he finds everything he needs to equip and manage the 5 other buildings he’s responsible for, using the same backend.

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