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Our solutions for your facility management

Facility management allows you to optimize your company's general services costs while ensuring the well-being of your employees. Your working environment is thus enhanced and your operations are simplified. Within your company or outsourced, this skill is essential to the smooth running of your structure. Optimizing facility management is above all acting to improve your performance.

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Main benefits for facility management

1. A simple and quick to install solution

The Smart & Connective solution can be quickly installed in new or existing buildings. No construction work is required and the interoperability of the solution allows it to adapt to almost any existing installation, in order to quickly implement your facility management solution.

2. Optimize your maintenance team’s planning

Thanks to our dedicated app for your maintenance and cleaning agents, they can receive instant notification when premises have been used 5, 10, 20… times. For example, an alert will be sent every 10 visits to the restrooms to send a cleaning agent or a notification will be sent in case of low level of consumables.

3. Predictive maintenance tools

The Smart & Connective solution also allows you to detect any change in your energy consumption and send an alert to your maintenance team. You can then prevent breakdowns and anticipate the maintenance of your appliances. Our sensors can also detect leaks, so that your teams can intervene as quickly as possible.

4. Improve your work environment

Improving your workspace, creating a better environment for your employees, accelerating your digital transition... all this will make your company more efficient and more attractive. Use your smart building as a key to success!

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Case study for facility management  

Charles is a facility manager with 8 buildings to manage. So far, the maintenance crew was working according to a strict schedule. But now that he set up Smart & Connective, they are able to organize their work when it's really necessary (clean the lavatory when used 20 times, receive a notification when toilet paper or soap dispensers are almost empty…).