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Our Light BMS
for building operation

Optimise your company’s general services costs while ensuring the well-being of your employees!
Whether in-house or outsourced, this skill is essential to the smooth running of your business. Optimising the operation of your building is above all about improving your performance by enhancing the working environment and simplifying day-to-day operations.

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The benefits of Smart & Connective for building operation


1. Quick and easy to deploy

Smart & Connective’s Light BMS can be installed quickly in new or existing buildings. No work is required, and the solution’s interoperability means it can be adapted to virtually any existing installation, so you can quickly set up your building management solution.


2. Optimise the working time of your technical teams

Thanks to our applications dedicated to your maintenance operatives, you can alert them based on real needs in the field and not on a random schedule. Thanks to your hypervision portal, your team can also easily manage a multi-site fleet.

Maintenance Prédictive

3. Effective predictive maintenance tools

Smart & Connective’s Light BMS can also detect anomalies in your energy consumption and send an alert to your maintenance team. You can then prevent breakdowns and plan ahead for the maintenance of your equipment. Our sensors can also detect leaks, so your teams can intervene as quickly as possible.

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4. Enhancing your working environment

Today, more than ever, QWL and CSR policies are decisive in creating strong support from your employees and your customers. Improving your workspace, creating a better environment for your employees, accelerating your digital transition… these are all indicators that will make your company more successful and more attractive. Put your smart building to work for your success and play an active part in the fight against waste!

Case study in building operation

Charles owns a property portfolio that he rents out to companies in the tertiary sector. To comply with the Tertiary Sector Decree, it manages consumption and the maintenance of communal areas in 8 buildings. Until now, his teams had to work to a fixed schedule. To optimise their rounds, they installed Smart & Connective and are now able to call out a team if abnormal consumption is detected. This enables the company to optimise the predictive maintenance of its equipment, thereby extending its lifespan.

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