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Our BMS ecosystem

Smart & Connective’s Light BMS has been specially designed to meet the needs of existing commercial buildings. Thanks to a network of small PLCs and a selection of IoTs, our solution requires no work and can be installed quickly.

A multisite hypervision portal enables several buildings to be managed together, for even greater simplicity and savings!

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1. Automation

The brain of the system!
Local intelligence to control your energy-consuming appliances automatically.


CEOS is a new-generation S&C controller that communicates using the industrial protocols used in your smart building. Our starting point is that to make REAL energy savings, you need a solution that’s easy to use, but also flexible enough to adapt to existing systems.

Communication protocols :
Modbus (RS485) – Z-wave – Zigbee – BLE – Wi-Fi – Ethernet

2. Smart & Connective IoTs

Designed and manufactured in France, Smart & Connective products meet a specific market need and fit seamlessly into our BMS Light ecosystem.

PHOTO - Thermostat de Zone

Infrared zone thermostat

Much more than a thermostat!

Communication protocols :
Zigbee – BLE
This sensor is unique with its multiple functions:

  •  Intelligent zone thermostat. It can take control of any type of HVAC system.
  • Wall split control to replace your infrared remote control (intelligent global control of your lighting and blackouts)
  • Display mode with dynamically configurable messages (date/time/message)
  • Audible alert possible

Can also be used in scenarios involving multi-zone controls.

Capteur multifonction S&C 1

Multifunction sensor (presence)

Your presence is important…

– Proximity switch
– Frequency of use
– Frequency of use
– Without camera

– Communication protocols: Zigbee – BLE

People flow sensor

We care about you!

– Analysis of directions of travel
– People count
– Presence detectors
– People flow management
– Integrated auto-calibration
– Without camera

– Communication protocols: Z-Wave

3. Sensors

Collect data from your building in real time. Knowledge is power!

  • Presence sensors
  • Opening sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Brightness sensors
  • Air quality sensors
  • Consumption sensors

4. Actuators

Efficiency and comfort: your building automatically regulates itself according to the set scenarios. A truly intelligent building is one that frees up your time!

  • Relays
  • Thermostats

Our partners

Smart & Connective selects the best products on the market to ensure that your BMS functions optimally.

We think it’s important to join forces to offer ever more effective and flexible solutions. Renovating commercial buildings is a priority, and we urgently need to offer a solution that requires no work and costs less.

Together, we can REALLY save energy.

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