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Our Light BMS
for commercial buildings

Tertiary buildings, whether public or private, share similar concerns in terms of energy savings, economies of scale and CSR policies.

These issues are all the more topical with the rise in energy prices and the implementation of the Tertiary Decree and the BACS Decree.

Bâtiments tertiaires

Advantages for commercial buildings


1. Fast, significant energy savings

As part of a CSR policy, or to meet the targets set by the Tertiary Decree, commercial buildings need an effective solution, fast. Smart & Connective will enable you to achieve energy savings of up to 50% as soon as it is installed.

IoTs S&C

2. Turnkey, easy-to-use BMS

Thanks to a solution that’s extremely quick to install (hardware AND software), Light BMS is ready to use, with no loss of activity for the operator.
It is then very easy to create energy-saving scenarios with your integrator to optimize your installation.

solution peu coûteuse

3. A simple, low-cost solution for deployment in existing, occupied commercial buildings

Standard BMS are major pieces of equipment, with a high cost price tag. There are now new-generation BMS (which can be installed at room level, rather than acting solely on the central system).
Depending on your building type, Smart & Connective will help you reach energy savings of up to 50%!


4. Eligibility for CEE financing

The CEE forms were created by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition with the aim of accelerating France’s energy transition. Class A or B Smart & Connective Light BMS can be financed thanks to the CEE forms, and more specifically the BAT-TH-116 form.
This will enable you to bring your commercial buildings into line with decrees and your CSR policy, while reducing your bills.

Taux d'occupation

5. A system that adapts to its environment

In your commercial building, you can choose to activate your energy-saving scenarios according to the occupancy of your spaces or the external environment, and thus act on lighting, air conditioning or heating. You can also adapt heating/cooling production to real needs, based on the number of people in common areas.

Maintenance Prédictive

6. Predictive maintenance

Thanks to your Smart & Connective Light BMS, you can detect upstream any equipment whose performance is declining, and spot any malfunctions on your equipment at a glance so you can alert your maintenance teams. As a result, you can act faster and ensure a longer service life for your installations.

Did you know?

Tertiary buildings over 1,000m2 are subject to the Tertiary Decree, which sets out obligations for energy savings over the next 30 years. The first deadline of September 30, 2022 requires building owners or operators to declare a reference year on the OPERAT platform, which will then serve as the basis for initiating a strategy to reduce energy consumption.

Buildings with an air-conditioning or heating system rated at more than 290 kW (generally the same type of buildings subject to the Tertiary Decree), are subject to the BACS Decree: Building Automation and Control Systems. This decree was introduced to help commercial buildings meet the targets set by the Tertiary Decree. In fact, by installing a class A or B BMS, the building is automatically more efficient and makes significant energy savings.

The threshold has been revised to cover buildings with a power rating of 70 kW by 2027.

Case study: offices and commercial buildings


Martine is CEO of a communications company whose 50 employees work in a modern building in the center of town. The glass roof of her open space gives the building a certain cachet, but in summer the temperature rises quickly and her air-conditioning runs at full blast, sometimes even all night long. Thanks to its Smart & Connective solution, the company can decide to automatically lower the blackout blinds when the temperature rises above 23°, and switch on the air conditioning to maintain a temperature between 22° and 24°.


Élodie owns and operates a hotel subject to Tertiary and BACS decrees. In order to comply with regulations while maintaining optimum comfort levels for her customers and employees, she installed Smart & Connective’s Light BMS in the common areas and in each room of her establishment. This enables it to optimize heating/cooling production according to the number of guests in its restaurant areas or conference rooms, for example.
It can also create (with its integrator) energy-saving scenarios in rooms, by limiting set temperatures or automatically switching off the air conditioning when a window is open.

School buildings

Jean-Marc is head of a high school with 350 students. To save energy, he manages the time slots for his lighting and heating systems automatically, because he realized that some rooms remained lit all night, while others were overheated, forcing teachers to open the window to restore the right temperature. Without changing his heaters, and with these simple adjustments, he saw a reduction in electricity consumption of almost 30% in the very first month!
What’s more, he has installed air quality sensors that alert him to any need for ventilation or the automatic launch of a ventilation cycle. A real plus for the health of students and teachers!