Smart & Connective

HVAC service
and monitoring solution
for professionals

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Simplification of HVAC services (S&C Interface & App) :

  • Remote diagnosis of HVAC installations
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Consumption readings with alerts
  • Receive alerts / manufacturer error codes in real time
  • Integration of IoTs to optimise your customers’ consumption

The benefits of Smart & Connective for building operation

Smart Building

your HVAC operations

Advanced HVAC Operations Optimisation is aimed at building owners, Building Operations Managers and HVAC system installers.
Smart & Connective gives you access to historical data, so you can be alerted to recurring trends and behaviours (“Malfunction”, loss of efficiency, etc.) that will highlight risks of breakdowns or over-consumption.
This proactive approach will enable you to further improve your quality of service.

Analyse - stats

Analysis of HVAC energy consumption

Thanks to the installation of IoTs that enable the precise consumption of the production units (heating/cooling) to be read and logged, cross-referenced with the analysis of the operating times of the indoor units, Smart & Connective can provide you with a precise statement of consumption per room.
In this way, you can monitor consumption and provide your customer with a precise analysis, enabling the Smart & Connective system to automatically optimise hours of use and set temperatures to save energy and extend the life of the equipment.

Support for multiple HVAC brands.

Smart & Connective
and HVAC monitoring

In addition to VRF, VRV and Split (Mono, Multi) systems, Smart & Connective can be used to control a wide variety of systems: heat pumps, FCUs (2-pipe/4-pipe), rooftop units, chillers, TOR controllers, underfloor heating (electric, water), radiators fitted with thermostatic valves, pilot wire, etc.

 Once connected to the Smart & Connective ecosystem, all this equipment will benefit from the advantages of our solution:

– Remote control ;
– Diagnostics ;
– Predictive maintenance ;
– Alerts ;
– etc.

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