Smart & Connective

The GTB Light that can be installed anywhere, quickly and without work!

Do you have a GTB that you don't use? You don't have a steering system at all? Is your building old? Can't do any work? Do you want to save energy? Is your building subject to the Tertiary Decree or on the contrary less than 1,000m2?

It’s simple, the GTB Light Smart & Connective meets all your needs.


Comply with legal obligations

The BACS Decree has been put in place to help you achieve the objectives set by the DEET (Tertiary Eco Energy System)…


A turnkey solution without work

A single contact (your integrator or your Energy Manager) to install a BMS without work and easy to use!


Save energy without breaking the bank!

Save up to 50% on your energy bill and benefit from CEE financing…

Why Smart & Connective GTB?

Beyond the fact that an automation and control solution will be mandatory in your building from 2025, here is why the GTB Light offered by Smart & Connective is the ideal solution for existing tertiary buildings:

Your online portal

Simply create your savings scenarios with your integrator
energy or operations management.

  • Hypervision portal for one or more sites
  • Supervise your building directly
  • Create your personalized reports
  • Manage alerts to send to your teams

Maintain control over your building!

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Understand in video

Discover our GTB Light solution in video as well as the questions
frequently asked. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other
questions about our operation.

Corrective actions

Tertiary Decree and BACS Decree

Automate your energy savings

Smart & Connective is a GTB Light that transforms your tertiary building into a connected and intelligent building .

IoTs S&C

Simple to install and take in hand (IoTs technology).

Predictive Maintenance

Without work: ideal for the energy renovation of existing tertiary buildings.

Smart Building

GTB class A or B to comply with the BACS Decree and make maximum energy savings.


Flexible and compatible with your installations.

Smart & Connective, a lightweight GTB:

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Reliable in reporting data, analyzing it AND ordering automatic corrective measures.

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Simple: for efficient GTB.

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Quick to install by your integrator.

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Light GTB

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with us

Smart & Connective surrounds itself with the best players on the market to guarantee optimal operation of your GTB.

At S&C, we believe that it is by joining forces and skills that we will help tertiary buildings move towards greater energy efficiency.

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