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A global IoT solution to quickly turn your building into a smart building

solution Iot economie energetique

Le Décret Tertiaire va impacter tous les bâtiments tertiaires de 1000m2 et plus. Smart & Connective vous aide à atteindre vos objectifs avec une solution GTB légère, rapide et abordable.

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Une GTB légère pour les bâtiments tertiaires bureaux

Une solution IoT globale pour transformer votre bâtiment en smart building
Simple tools and fast set up
Flexible and compatible solution
Immediate energy saving
Data are collected, analyzed by the artificial intelligence and corrective measures are immediately ordered

How it works

Learn about our Smart & Connective IoT solution in our video and discover how far we can take your smart building.

Démocratisons le Smart Building !

Smart & Connective is an automated solution that will turn your building into a smart building. With Smart & Connective, whatever your line of business, there’s a simple solution for you to save energy and manage your maintenance team towards a better organization. solution IoT globale pour transformer votre bâtiment tertiaire en bâtiment connecté et intelligent. Une GTB ultra simple pour optimiser la gestion de votre bâtiment.

Avec Smart & Connective, il n’a jamais été aussi simple de réaliser rapidement des économies d’énergie et d’accompagner vos équipes de maintenance et d’entretien vers une meilleure organisation.

Are you the owner or operator of a tertiary building? Are you looking for a simple, fast and smart solution to save energy while managing the occupation of your spaces? Smart & Connective offers you tailor-made scenarios, ready to use and very flexible!

Whether you have one or several buildings to manage, Smart & Connective gives you access to customized predictive maintenance, energy saving scenarios and management tools for your maintenance teams, who will receive real-time notifications.

Smart & Connective, an IoT solution that is:

Fiable pour remonter les données, les analyser ET ordonner des mesures correctives automatiques
Simple : pour une GTB efficace
Fast to set up by your integrator

Keep full control of your Smart Building


Localement ou à distance avec l’application Smart & Connective.

Find all your building's data at the same place!


Locally or remotely using Smart & Connective online backend. 

Tailor-made scenarios that you customize according to your needs.

Be notified

Être alerté Localement (CEOS Touch centralise les alertes des CEOS même sans connexion internet), contrôle vocal, synthèse vocale. À distance (application).

solution Iot Smartandconnective

Coronavirus focus

Since we are facing an unprecedented situation, it seems that technology has an important role to play to keep us safe.

Indeed, thanks to connected solutions, you can decide to avoid surface contaminations by using automated devices. No need to touch any switch to switch on the lights!

Automated lighting system
Voice control
Automated use of HVAC
Real-time awareness of the number of people per square meter
Sensors that let you know when to fill up your consumable items
Sensors to detect the number of people who used the lavatory (and organize cleaning schedule)
Instant notifications to let you know when you should open the windows for fresh air

The installation of your system has been flawless. The back-end solution I find easy to overview, the data which can be extracted is useful to monitor guest behavior and can be used to generate savings.
The service provided by you and the team has been very good, requests were followed up instantly and it has been a pleasure working with S&C!

General Manager – SEA Hotel

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