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A unique Light BMS that puts energy savings at the heart of its architecture

Rising energy prices, climate crisis, the regulatory context… everything is pushing commercial buildings towards energy sobriety and efficiency, with a common goal: energy savings.
Smart & Connective’ Light BMS modifies the very architecture of a conventional BMS so that it can be integrated anywhere (interoperability with existing systems), without work (no loss of activity), and without wires (rapid installation).

Whether your building is equipped with a BMS or not, whether it has recent equipment or not, whether it is 400 or 5,000m2… Smart & Connective’s Light BMS will be your ally in achieving energy savings of up to 50%.

Economie d'énergie

Smart & Connective offers you Class A or B Light BMS, to help you comply with the BACS Decree and save energy to meet the targets set by the Tertiary Decree.

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The brains of the system!
It sends the collected data to the cloud, analyzes it (using artificial intelligence) and orders corrective measures. It also works offline.

IoTs Smart & Connective

Our people flow sensor is a camera-free presence detector. Our multifunction sensor is a proximity sensor for managing space, presence or consumable levels. Our multifunction thermostat is unique in its kind, with its dual function as room controller and smart thermostat.

IoT partners

The sensors send the part data to CEOS, which then instructs the actuators to take immediate corrective action according to your predefined parameters. And the options are endless: temperatures, air quality, humidity, air conditioning, roller shutters, leak detection, use of consumables...
Smart & Connective carefully selects IoT partners to guarantee optimal operation of our BMS.

The Cloud

It centralizes the information gathered by the various CEOS and can be compatible with other CLOUDS. Your data is safely hosted.

The online portal

All your smart building information in one place! Thanks to a user-friendly online portal, you can visualize your scenarios, savings and maintenance requirements. Your dashboard is fully customizable and multilingual! Your portal is also multisite, so you can supervise everything from a single location.

The application

Receive live alerts, manage your settings and statistics. Offer your teams a dedicated application for targeted alerts. We provide regular updates to constantly improve your experience.

The benefits of Smart & Connective

Quick and easy to install, with customized, modular scenarios.

Multi-site hypervision to manage your real estate assets from a single location.

Data collection, analysis and corrective action (artificial intelligence).

Helps you comply with Tertiary and BACS decrees.

Immediate and significant energy savings (up to 50%).

Manage your teams and simplify your managerial organization.

Real-time predictive maintenance alerts.

A BMS eligible for CEE BAT-TH-116.

Applications dedicated to your teams, who receive targeted alerts.

How does Smart & Connective's Light BMS work?

Thanks to the technology of “connected objects” (IoTs) and a network of small PLCs, Smart & Connective’s Light BMS is installed at room level and in the building’s centralized production (heating/cooling production) to optimize the use of energy-guzzling appliances.
Connected objects communicate information to the system, which automatically launches corrective measures to meet your predefined parameters at the time of configuration.
Turn off the air conditioning when the room is empty? Reducing light after 9pm? Turn on the heating automatically every morning? Be alerted in case of irregular consumption? Technology thinks of everything for you! The scenarios are endless and perfectly tailored to your needs.

IoTs S&C

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