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Our Light BMS for building operation

Facility management allows to optimize the cost of your company’s general services while ensuring the well-being of your colleagues ! Within your company or outsourced, this competence is essential to the proper functioning of your structure. Optimizing the building operation is above all act to improve your performance by enhancing the working environment and simplifying daily operations.

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The advantages of Smart & Connective for building operation


1. A simple and quick solution to install

The Smart & Connective BMS is quickly installed in new or existing buildings. No works are needed and the interoperability of the solution allows it to adapt to almost all existing installations to quickly implement your building management solution.


2. Optimize your maintenance team’s planning

Thanks to our dedicated apps for your maintenance and cleaning agents, you can alert them based on the current attendance of a place and choose to have them intervene according to real needs. Thanks to your hypervision portal, your team can also manage easily a multi-site park.

Maintenance Prédictive

3. Efficient predictive maintenance tools

The Smart & Connective BMS also allows you to detect anomalies in your energy consumption in order to send an alert to your maintenance team. You can then prevent failures and anticipate the maintenance of your devices. Our sensors can also detect leaks, allowing your teams to respond as quickly as possible.

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4. Improve your work environment

Today more than ever, the quality of work environment and the CSR policy are decisive to create a strong affiliation of your employees and customers. Improving your workspace, creating a better environment for your colleagues, boosting your digital transformation… are indicators that make your company more efficient and attractive. Put your smart building at the service of your success and actively participate in the fight against energy waste!

Case study for building operation

Charles owns several tertiary buildings. To comply with the Tertiary Decree, he manages the consumption and maintenance of the 8 buildings with his team. Until now, they had to intervene according to a fixed calendar. In order to optimize their route plan, he has installed Smart & Connective and is now able to send a team in case of an unusual energy consumption. This allows him to optimize the predictive maintenance of his devices and thus extend their lifespan.

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