Smart & Connective

HVAC monitoring and service solution for professionals

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Simplifying HVAC services (S&C Portal and App)

  • HVAC Remote diagnosis
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Consumptions statement with alert
  • Receive alerts / manufacturer error codes in real time
  • Integration of IoTs that allow the optimization of your customer’s consumption

The advantages of Smart & Connective for building operation

Smart Building

Optimize your HVAC operations

Advanced HVAC operations optimization is destined to Building Owners, Building Operations Managers and HVAC installation. Smart & Connective gives you access to a data historization that allows you to be alerted on recurring trends and behaviors (“Malfunction”, loss of efficiency...) which will highlight the risks of failures or overconsumption. Being proactive will allow you to further improve your quality of service.

Analyse - stats

HVAC energy consumption analysis

Thanks to the installation of IoTs allowing a reading and a historization of the exact consumption of the production groups (Heat/Cold), crossed with an analysis of the operating times of indoor units, Smart & Connective can provide you with an accurate consumption per room. You will thus be able to track consumption and provide your customer an accurate analysis allowing the Smart & Connective system to automatically optimize the hours of use, set temperatures to save energy and extend the life of the equipment.

Support multiple brands of HVAC

Smart & Connective and HVAC monitoring

In addition of VRF, VRV and Split (Mono, Multi) systems, Smart & Connective allows to control a wide variety of systems: heat pumps, FCU (2 tubes/4 tubes), roof units, chillers, TOR controllers, heating floors (electric, water), radiators thermostatic valves, pilot wire..

 Once connected to the Smart & Connective ecosystem, all these devices will benefit from our solution:

-Remote monitoring
-Predictive maintenance

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