Smart & Connective

Why become a Smart & Connective integrator ?

Smart & Connective is a French company created in 2016 to meet an increasing demand in energy savings.

Today, the Light Smart & Connective BMS offers an innovative solution, designed to simplify the installation and handling.

In short, an efficient, simple and quick solution to deploy !

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Integrators benefits

Simply and quickly meet the needs of your customers subjected to the Tertiary Decree and the BACS Decree with a class A or B BMS.
Vous ne voulez pas engager d’importants frais de formation pour vos techniciens ? Smart & Connective vous propose des formations rapides pour valoriser vos salariés sur un nouveau domaine de compétences.
Vous souhaitez développer votre marché rapidement en vous démarquant de vos concurrents ? Smart & Connective, s'installe dans des bâtiments neufs mais surtout dans des bâtiments tertiaires existants (983 millions de m2 en France !), sans être intrusif (aucuns travaux nécessaires).
An OEM solution: sell the Smart & Connective solution with your own branding or with your customer’s branding for added value.
Setting up the solution is very easy thanks to a No-Code configuration, time-saving system.
An ultra-flexible light BMS that allows you to work with the best actors on the market to offer a reliable and efficient solution.
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Smart & Connective is easy and quick
to install in just a few steps:


Définissez la configuration du bâtiment depuis le portail en ligne.


Install the automations.


Start by the IoT’s pairing.


Accompagnez votre client pour la création et/ou la modification de scénarios d’économies d’énergie.

Always more benefits for the integrators !

  • A remote handling via the online portal (no software needed) to avoid field maintenance.
  • A customer dashboard with your company’s or your customer’s colors
  • French production and engineering in order to guarantee the ASS and the production line.
  • Stay connected for years to come: Zigbee, Zwave, Modbus, Bacnet, Opc, BusPro, Wifi, BLE without forgetting the new Connected Home over IP standard.

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