Smart & Connective

Why become a Smart & Connective integrator ?

Smart & Connective is a French company created in 2016 to meet an increasing demand in energy savings.

Today, the Light Smart & Connective BMS offers an innovative solution, designed to simplify the installation and handling.

In short, an efficient, simple and quick solution to deploy !

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Integrators benefits

Simply and quickly meet the needs of your customers subjected to the Tertiary Decree and the BACS Decree with a class A or B BMS.
Vous ne voulez pas engager d’importants frais de formation pour vos techniciens ? Smart & Connective vous propose des formations rapides pour valoriser vos salariés sur un nouveau domaine de compétences.
You want to quickly develop your market by setting yourself apart from your competitors ? Smart & Connective can be installed in new buildings but also and especially in existing tertiary buildings (983 million sqm in France!), without being intrusive (no works needed).
An OEM solution: sell the Smart & Connective solution with your own branding or with your customer’s branding for added value.
Setting up the solution is very easy thanks to a No-Code configuration, time-saving system.
An ultra-flexible light BMS that allows you to work with the best actors on the market to offer a reliable and efficient solution.
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Smart & Connective is easy and quick
to install in just a few steps:


Define the building configuration from the online portal (which IoTs for which rooms).


Install the automations.


Start by the IoT’s pairing.


Your customer can operate his building’s data, create scenarios and alerts on his own using his online portal.

Always more benefits for the integrators !

  • A remote handling via the online portal (no software needed) to avoid field maintenance.
  • A customer dashboard with your company’s or your customer’s colors
  • French production and engineering in order to guarantee the ASS and the production line.
  • Stay connected for years to come: Zigbee, Zwave, Modbus, Bacnet, Opc, BusPro, Wifi, BLE without forgetting the new Connected Home over IP standard.

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