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Our BMS ecosystem

The Light Smart & Connective BMS has been specially thought to meet the needs of existing tertiary buildings. Indeed, thanks to the IoT technology and a mesh of small automations, no works are needed for our solution and it can be installed in 30 minutes per room.

The creation of energy savings scenarios and alerts is then completely autonomous by the building owner/operator.

produits Iot

So how can we give power back to building operators and enable them to save energy?

1. Automation

The brain of the system!
A local intelligence to control automatically your energy consuming devices.



CEOS is the automation from the Smart & Connective BMS (around 1 automation every 20 IoTs), without any equivalence on the market. The CEOS Quick Manager (embedded server or App IOS/Android) works with or without an internet connection. You will never be stuck to achieve an installation regardless of the state of the LAN/WAN network!

Communication Protocols:
IoT : Z-Wave - ZigBee

OFFLINE: 100% availability (operating rules, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc).

ONLINE: the internet connection (through your local WLAN or via a 4G modem) gives access to the Cloud and to the online portal, which constitute a unique flexibility on the market (white label, multi languages, multi professions).



CEOS V2 est un automate S&C nouvelle génération qui permet de communiquer en utilisant les protocoles industriels utilisés dans votre smart building. En effet, nous partons du constat que pour faire VRAIMENT des économies d’énergie, il faut une solution simple à utiliser mais également une solution suffisamment flexible pour s’adapter à l’existant.
Par exemple, si le bâtiment possède déjà une GTB peu ou mal utilisée, il sera tout à fait possible pour Smart & Connective de s’y greffer grâce à CEOS BMS. De même si vous avez déjà des IoTs en LoRa, CEOS BMS pourra également communiquer avec eux.

Communication Protocols:
Industrial: Modbus – Buspro -Bacnet – OPC


2. Smart & Connective IoTs

Conçus et fabriqués en France, les produits Smart & Connective répondent à une problématique spécifique du marché et s’intègrent parfaitement dans l’écosystème de notre GTB Light.

Contrôleur Multifonction

Bien plus qu’un thermostat !

Communication protocols:
Zigbee – BLE
This sensor is unique thanks to its multiple functions:

  • Thermostat intelligent de zone (sur pile). Il peut prendre le contrôle de n’importe quel type de CVC
  • Control the wall split by replacing your infrared remote control (lighting and cloaking global smart control)
  • Display mode with configurable dynamic messages (date/time/message)
  • Possible audible alert

Can also be part of multi zone control scenarios.

Capteur multifonction S&C 1

Multifunctional sensor (presence and level)

Your presence matters...

- Proximity sensor
- Hit Frequency
- People counting
- Consumables level:

  • Soap and hydroalcoholic gel
  • Paper
  • Coffee tank or other
- No camera

Communication protocols: 
Zigbee – BLE
Capteur multifonction S&C 2

People counter sensor

We like knowing you’re there!

– Analyse des sens de déplacement
– Compte personnes
– Détecteur de présence
– Gestion de flux de personnes
– Auto calibration intégrée
- No camera

Communication protocols : Z-Wave

3. Sensors

Collect in real-time your building data. Knowledge is power!

  • Occupancy sensors
  • Opening sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Brightness sensors
  • Air quality sensors
  • Consumption readers

4. Actuators

Efficiency and comfort: your building automatically regulates itself by complying with the established scenarios. A real smart building is the one that saves your time and energy!

  • Relays
  • Thermostats

Our partners

Smart & Connective selects the best products on the market to guarantee the optimal functioning of your BMS. We believe that it is important to join our forces to propose solutions that are always more efficient, more flexible. The renovation of tertiary buildings is a priority, it is urgent to offer a solution without any works, open (speaking the communication protocols already used in the building) and less expensive. Together, let’s make REAL energy savings.

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