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Our system includes advanced standard settings for single or multi zone HVACs.

Heat Pump / Regular AC 24v
controle infrarouge
Infrared Control (All brands- 38Khz)
Boiler / Water Valve
Multi port contrôle de chaudières (jusqu'à 8)
plancher chauffant
Electrical Floor heating
plancher chauffant
Water Floor heating (Multiport)
tubes 2
FCU 2 pipes
tubes 2
FCU 4 pipes
radiateur electrique
Electrical Radiator
Thermostatic radiator valve
VRV/ VRF using bus control (compatible with more than 15 brands) Major HVAC brands support e.g. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, TOSHIBA, PANASONIC, SANYO, HITACHI, LG, SAMSUNG, GREE