Smart & Connective

Our Solution

Une solution IoT unique qui place l’économie d’énergie dans son architecture.

Le monde de la Greentech évolue rapidement et propose de plus en plus de solutions innovantes pour résoudre des problématiques énergétiques grâce à la récolte de données du bâtiment. La solution IoT Smart & Connective va plus loin en permettant de prendre des mesures correctives automatiques. Transformer votre bâtiment en smart building est désormais ultra simple pour votre intégrateur et pour vous. 

IOT smart_and_connective

OMNIS is an occupancy sensor (without any camera) able to count in real-time how many people are in a room.

EKHO is a proximity sensor allowing you to manage your workspaces.

ARKE is the only one of its kind, with a dual function as room controller and smart thermostat.


Centralizes the data collected by the different CEOS and compatible with other CLOUDS. All your data are safely hosted.

CEOS smart_and_connective

Le cerveau du système ! Il envoie les données récoltées sur le Cloud, les analyse (intelligence artificielle) et commande les mesures correctives. Il fonctionne également hors connexion internet.

Plus mobile device

The App

Receive instant notifications, manage your settings and your statistics from your app. You can set up a dedicated app for your staff who will receive specific notifications. Updates will make new tools available on a regular basis.

objets connectés

IoT (connected objects)

Our sensors are compatible with more than 6,000 connected objects. CEOS collects data from the IoT, analyzes them before ordering instant corrective measures in order to meet your preset scenarios. And options are infinite: temperature regulation, air quality, humidity, AC, electric blinds, leak detection, consumable use…

ecran-de-controle backend


Find all the information concerning your smart building at the same place! With your online access to your backend (user-friendly interface) you can manage your scenarios, your savings and your special needs for maintenance. Your dashboard is totally customizable and multilingual: you can choose which notifications you want to receive.

What are the benefits of our solution?

Simple et rapide à installer avec des scénarios sur-mesure et modulables

Flexible and compatible with more than 6,000 connected objects

Data collection, analysis and corrective measures (artificial intelligence)

Vous aide à vous conformer aux décrets Tertiaire et BACS

Des économies d’énergie immédiates et significatives (jusqu’à 35%)

Optimizing your human resources and simplifying your management organization

Real-time predictive maintenance with in-app notifications

Une GTB éligible à la fiche CEE BAT-TH-116

Dedicated apps for your team with specific notifications

How does Smart & Connective solution work?  

Smart & Connective is a smart and automated IoT solution, allowing you to enhance your building’s operations. The connected objects communicate information to the artificial intelligence that will immediately command corrective measures to match your specific settings. Turn off AC when a room is empty? Dim the light after 9:00 pm? Switch on heating automatically every morning? Receive a notification when your power consumption is uneven? Technology can be your brain! Scenarios are endless and fit your needs perfectly.

Une installation en 30 minutes par pièce par votre intégrateur. Notre solution 100% flexible, est compatible avec plus de 6 000 références d’objets connectés !
With a few easy clicks you can set up your own scenario, and you will still be able to change your settings according to your needs.
Corrective measures are activated instantly. You start saving energy and money.
Using artificial intelligence, your Smart & Connective solution is learning everyday by analyzing your collected data (machine learning). You are now able to create new protocols using our predictive maintenance tools. You can also create a better organization for your teams.

OMNIS – Occupancy sensor

Omnis is the occupancy sensor developed by Smart & Connective for a better global efficiency. Indeed, 99% of the energy saving scenarios are based on room occupancy.

How does it work?

Omnis uses a groundbreaking technology able to count precisely how many people are in a room in a given time, thanks to powerful algorithms.

With Omnis, no need to see to know your occupancy! 

No camera
Unobtrusive device (can be set up on 2,5 to 5m ceilings with a wire hidden in the suspended ceiling.
Heat sensor and motion detection
Détection de passages simultanés
Power 5v micro USB (no batteries)
Made in France