Smart & Connective

A unique BMS which places energy savings at the heart of its architecture

The Greentech world is evolving very fast and offers more and more innovative solutions in order to solve energy issues thanks to the Building Management Systems. The Smart & Connective BMS now accompanies existing tertiary buildings in their energy transition. Transforming your building into a smart building is now very easy for your integrator and for you.

Economie d'énergie

Smart & Connective offers you a rank A or B BMS, in order to comply with the BACS Decree and make energy savings to reach the objectives fixed by the Tertiary Decree.

IoTs S&C

IoTs S&C

Notre capteur flux de personnes est un détecteur de présence sans caméra qui permet également de compter les personnes dans une pièce.
Notre capteur multifonction est un capteur de proximité pour gérer vos espaces, la présence ou le niveau des consommables.
Notre thermostat multifonction est unique en son genre avec sa double fonction de room controller and smart thermostat.

IoTs partenaires

Les capteurs envoient les données de la pièce à CEOS, qui commande ensuite aux actionneurs de prendre les mesures correctives immédiatement en fonction de vos paramètres prédéfinis. Et les options sont infinies : températures, qualité de l’air, humidité, climatisation, volets roulants, détection de fuite, utilisation de consommables…

Smart & Connective carefully selects the IoTs partners in order to ensure the optimal functioning of our BMS. 

Interrupteur connecté

The App

Receive instant notifications, manage your settings and your statistics from your app. You can set up a dedicated app for your staff you will receive specific notifications. 

Updates will make new tools available on a regular basis to increase your experience.



The brain of the system ! CEOS sends saved data on the Cloud, analyzes them (artificial intelligence) and orders corrective measures. It works without any internet connection as well.

Solution Multi Cloud based

The Cloud

Centralizes the data collected by CEOS and is compatible with other CLOUDS. All your data are safely hosted

S&C portal

Find all the information concerning your smart building at the same place!

Grâce à un portail en ligne user friendly, vous visualisez vos scénarios, vos économies et vos besoins en maintenance et entretien. Votre tableau de bord est entièrement personnalisable et multilingue ! 
Votre portail est également multisite pour tout superviser au même endroit. 

Ordinateur avec logo

Benefits of the Smart & Connective solution

Easy and fast to install (30min per room) with custom and scalable scenarios

Hypervision multisite pour gérer votre parc immobilier depuis un seul endroit

Data collection analysis and corrective measures (artificial intelligence)

Help you to comply with the Tertiary and BACS decrees

Des économies d’énergie immédiates et significatives (jusqu’à 35%)

Manage your teams and simplify your management organization

Real-time predictive maintenance with in-app notifications

A BMS eligible to the CEE BAT-TH-166 sheet

Dedicated apps for your team with specific notifications

How does the Smart & Connective BMS work?

Thanks to the IoT technology and a mesh of small automations, the Smart & Connective BMS is settled in rooms and in buildings centralized production (heat/cold production) in order to optimize the use of high-drain devices. Connected objects communicate information to the system, which automatically initiates corrective measures to meet with the predefined settings during the configuration. Turn off the air conditioning when the room is empty? Reduce the light from 9 pm? Turn on the heating automatically every morning? Be alerted in case of irregular consumption? Technology thinks of everything for you! Scenarios are infinite and perfectly adapted to your needs.

IoTs S&C

Ready for set up?