Smart & Connective

About us

Smart & Connective is a French IoT company created in 2016 and operating worldwide, specifically designed to offer new solutions to energy saving issues.

Our story

The adventure began in South-East Asia, where Ambre and Guy started to develop their home-automation company. Their work and reputation brought new issues and challenges along the way, especially to help out hotel and villa managers, eager to save energy quickly and effectively. They soon realized the growing needs in terms of energy saving, to cut costs in a sustainable environment. This is why they decided to launch Smart & Connective with their own IoT solution, accompanied by Rob, lead programmer.

Today settled in the South-East of France (famous for new technologies industry), Smart & Connective constantly creates new devices to provide an ever-better service.

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Our Strength

With over 20 years of experience in both software and hardware, home-automation and smart building solution, we are able to provide highly effective tools to face your company’s challenges. Our goal is to offer reliable, flexible and simple tools to give you full control of your building and cut your energy costs. 

About Smart & Connective

We have offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Geneva and Nice.

Days of development
Years of combined experience
Hours of technology watch every week

A few figures...

Since we started working, a lot of things happened...

... and so much more is yet to come!

Lead Team


Ambre Saurat

CEO & Co-Founder

Aerospace engineer in international companies for the last 8 years, Ambre was able to combine her technical skills with a growing desire to create her own solutions. This is how she co-founded 2 companies in South-East Asia.


Guy Saurat

CTO & Co-Founder

With years of experience in both hardware and software, Guy was able to identify the main issues of a growing market. His past experience as CEO and CTO (he created 5 companies since age 20) participated in the success of the 2 companies he co-founded in South-East Asia.


Robert Colli

CDO & Co-founder

Robert joined the Smart & Connective adventure from the very beginning and has been head of development since then. His technical skills and creativity are a real asset for finding efficient and groundbreaking solutions. 

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Hugo Rodde

Lead Software Engineer

Hugo has been a software engineer for over 4 years and has worked in different technology-based companies. His experience as a freelancer gave him an agile perspective on his work, making everyday a new challenge.


Guillaume Noël

Consulting Engineer

Guillaume worked with various clients and solved different issues throughout his years of experience as a consultant. He has global understanding of a client’s needs and always has ideas on how to find suitable solutions.