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Climate emergency : we talk to you daily about eco-gestures and the importance of these little things that make all the difference.

For Smart & Connective, reflexes such as "turning off the light", "turning off the air conditioning when leaving the office"... must be automated and integrated into the operation of your building.
Because we believe that it is by freeing your mind from these “eco-constraints” that you will be able to focus on even stronger actions!

Eco-gestures ?
Let us do a lot, so you can do even more.

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Do a lot so you can do even more.

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Our goals 

Provide and equip as many square meter as possible to save energy on a large scale, in France then in Europe and worldwide.

To fully understand the importance of energy renovation in already existing tertiary buildings, here is a brief overview :

Tertiary buildings

The goal is not to make anyone using energy feel guilty, but to encourage everyone to make an intelligent use of energy, in order to respect our common resources.

0 /3

1/3 of the final energy consumption

0 M

983 million m² in 2020

0 %

48% = share of the energy coming from tertiary buildings coming from electricity

Our history

It all started in Southeast Asia, when Guy and Ambre Saurat were in the middle of developing their home automation business.  Their reputation and their work lead them to reflect more and more on energy saving issues, at the request of hoteliers and villa managers. They quickly became aware of the growing need regarding the economic and sustainable development issues. This whole process led them to creating Smart & Connective and launching their own solution, now accompanied by Rob, chief programmer.

Il leur apparaît clairement que pour changer la GTB et faire des économies d’énergie à grande échelle, il faut révolutionner l’architecture même des solutions d’automatisation. Plus de flexibilité et surtout plus de simplicité.

Plus l’outil est simple, plus on l’utilise !

Today based in the PACA region, renowned for its dynamism in the new technologies sector, Smart & Connective offers a Light BMS to meet the needs of existing tertiary buildings.

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We really need a solution to stop the waste of energy in our establishments…

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Our values

We are innovative!

We offer an unique Light BMS on the market that will adapt to future developments.

We are optimists!

We help buildings save energy to reduce our impact on the planet. Together, let’s move towards energy sobriety!

We are humans !

We are committed every day to limit our carbon footprint as a company and as individuals.

We are pragmatic!

We help companies respond to the decrees, with a concrete and simple solution.

Notre charte RSE

Les problématiques de gaspillage énergétique ont été le vecteur de la création 
de Smart & Connective.

Nous sommes, de ce fait, conscients des enjeux économiques et environnementaux que cela représente. Afin de donner une autre dimension à notre impact, nous avons décidé de rédiger notre première charte des bonnes pratiques de responsabilité sociale des entreprises (RSE).


Our ambition

Let's dust off the BMS !

The observation is unequivocal : the French tertiary sector is aging and solutions are needed for existing buildings. Thus, at Smart & Connective, we want to make your old building a smart building as energy efficient as a new one!

Our team

CEO Ambre

Ambre Saurat



Guy Saurat


software Rob

Robert Colli

Software architect

Notre équipe


Estelle Mahé


Guillaume N

Guillaume Noël

Technical support manager

Othmane M

Adrien Viegas

Ingénieur Support  avant vente


Mickael Colombié

Ingénieur Support  avant vente

Sebastien L

Sébastien Laveze

Senior developer

Thibaud CANALE

Thibaud Canale

Embedded Software Engineer

Marion C

Marion Crozet

Communication manager

Ines Q

Inès Quénet

CSR alternant

Romain M

Romain Métailler



Clément Bamy

Responsable Commercial

Loic T

Loïc Thebault

Senior developer

ILLUSTRATION - Nur Izzati Binti Ad Haris

Nur Izzati
Binti Abd Haris

Développeur Front end

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